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About Us

Connecting community through
food, art & entertainment. 

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Our Story


Magpies, created to embrace the spirit and soul of Valdez!

Through generations of history, people, hardships, and celebrations places find their personalities and niche in the world. Valdez is no exception. Magpie's on the Fly was created to embrace Valdez in all its quirky history and patchwork of industries while providing that Valdez experience to others.

The History

The history of Valdez was partially influenced by gold rush culture and industrial resources. The town currently thrives on the oil industry as well as fishing and backcountry recreation. These contradicting cultures in a nature-rich environment provides a population filled with "rural haute" individuals. Magpie's was created with a passion for these individuals and for visitors seeking to learn the local life.

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Gold Rush Belles

The 1950's emergence of female power roles post World War II mixed with Victorian fashioned Gold Rush Belles and the simple life of homesteading raw land in rugged Alaska sets the visual stage at Magpie's events.

Magpie's on the Fly

When entering Magpie's on the Fly, you are immediately greeted with a caravan of mobile structures and temporary landscaping. The Gold Rush era continues with casual outdoor dining atop innovative furniture crafted from otherwise wasted wire spools.


The food and drinks offered by Magpie's adds to the experience with a menu using fresh ingredients, craft beer and wine options, and home baked pastries.


The events schedule is as impressive as the menu. There is something for everyone from live music, dinner theatre, pop up events, open mic, and trivia nights!

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