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Magpie’s employees are dynamic individuals who thrive in bustling environments. A Magpie functions as part-basita, part-prep-cook, part-bartender - with an emphasis on creative problem solving, and is not afraid to get dirty and maybe wear lipstick, all at the same time. 


This year we’re looking for a few individuals looking to spend a summer immersed in a wild place, in an upbeat and unorthodox environment, to engage with the community and the arts. We’re looking for a couple full-time staff to assist with daily operations of the cafe - greeting customers, taking orders, making coffee and brunch fare, bake prep and cook prep for evening shifts. We’re also looking for a couple part time weekend employees to assist with weekend evening events. These positions will encompass general cafe duties, but an emphasis on higher customer volume. 


As the venue serves alcohol, we are looking for employees with an Alcohol Handler’s or TAPS Card/you must be eligible to obtain one. 


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(907) 835-8377

Our Hours

Thursday - Monday

10am - 10pm 

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